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Here is a glmpse of what you can find at the Artisan Center

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Apiary Items
Wide variety of items from apiaries brought in regularly,

Numerous authors sell their work at the Cameron County Chamber of Commerce & Artisan Center.  Watch the calendar for book signings!


Fiber artistry takes on many different forms.

Totes, scarves, hats, pillows, rugs, and even mommy & me apron sets!

Tea and Coffee

Brew up home made tea or fresh roasted coffee beans.


From buttons, to gemstones with healing powers and precious metals.  Jewelry artists abound at the Cameron County Chamber of Commerce & Artisan Center.  Each artist brings their own unique touch to their artwork.


Wrought iron work includes hammered one of a kind pieces and flat depictions of wildlife found in the PA Wilds. 




The Cameron County Artisan Center sells CD from a variety of artists including a priest, teacher and group that tours throughout the PA Wilds.

Unique Gifts

Looking for a gift that says "home"?   The artisan center has numerous items depicting Cameron County!  The center supports local organizations with fundraising items.


These artists take painting to a new level.  From oil pens to tiny brushstrokes on an ornament their artwork is as individual as themselves!

Pen & Ink

Some of the simpliest tools create the most beautiful artwork!  



Many of these photographers spend hours sitting quietly waiting on their subject to appear in focus.  From wildlife to items made in the USA the photographers at the Cameron County Chamber of Commerce & Artisan Center  take pride in their work!


Cups, bowls, plates and even vases available.




Stones are for more than skipping in a pond!  Artist Dennis Kendall uses them to replicate fireplaces found in many camps in Cameron County.


​Candles sporting unique scents can be found! 



If you are looking for a wine rack, reclaimed wood trays, cutting boards or even a blanket chest with a hidden drawer, you will find it at the Cameron County Chamber of Commerce & Artisan Center.

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