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downtown Emporium.jpg
downtown Emporium.jpg

Wilds are Working


Perfectly positioned to experience the PA Wilds' Elk Country and Dark Skies landscapes

No place boasts "small town charm" quite like Emporium does. Tree-lined streets give way to quaint main street shops and restaurants. Your friendly neighbor could be the entrepreneur that's putting together your dish at the local hot spot. History surrounds you at every turn.

Calling Emporium homebase for a Remote Lifestyle Experience geographically positions you to discover all that Cameron County and the PA Wilds have to offer.

Applications to live all expenses paid in Cameron County are now open!

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savannah entrance.webp

Housing options include apartments and entire homes tailored to the needs of the remote worker.  

You will find plenty to do during the month of July.  Farmer's Market, outdoor music, dark sky viewing, canoeing, mud bogging, trails to explore and wildlife watching.  For a complete calendar click here.

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